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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Labels Unlimited offers you the world's most flexible and innovative labeling systems. Pressure Sensitive paper is a self-adhesive technology that provides great design and production flexibility with low limitation on labels shape and/or size. With pressure sensitive technology you immediately focus on the combination of brilliant graphics, crisp and clean die cuts with virtually, invisible edge lines. Pressure sensitive technology not only makes the difference with aesthetic appearance, but ease of application as each manufactured labels are already adhesive coated, no mess - no clean up.

Labels Unlimited manufactures pressure sensitive labels offering a wide range of materials and die shapes. Whether it is a permanent or removable label, rolls or sheets, fan-folded or pinfed, or with perforations, Labels Unlimited will satisfy your every label need. We are able to accommodate customer that orders 100- labels that are hand applied, or customer that order 10,000,000 labels that are machine applied at exceedingly high production speeds.